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two dogs
"To the patoist, circular arguments are not only  preferred, they are the 
only statements considered to be logically consistent with the premise
that we possess consciousness. That is, if we can apprehend and generate
arguments, those arguments can only be circular or else contain a logical
error (discontinuity). Arguments that are predicated on external data or
hypotheses (exo-etiolate arguments, in Wetter's terminology) can only
make sense in the absence of a subject that could comprehend them. This
thesis does not exclude the possibility that we are, in fact, living in such
a universe. Machaux has even proposed models for a Creator-God whose
creation (and whose being) would be without awareness, sense, sentience. In
this connection, it's interesting to note that recent investigators in physics
have proposed that along with mass, spin, etc., fundamental particles also
have,  to varying degrees, a value for "tautology," which is their tendency
to be generated exclusively by themselves,  to generate nothing outside
of themselves, and to interact exclusively with themselves. All the dark
matter in the universe, in this model, has a tautology of ≥1."

                                   – Vigay, R. N., "Towards Pato-dependence," 1993.  




  two dogs


   The animal that was harmed in the making of this picture